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In 2006, the Dallas media announced that Deep Ellum was dead. We disagreed. After doing a survey of the historic neighborhood, we looked at the data and came up with four basic strengths that we think embody the community. These became the pillars for our Cultural Center and the heart behind our conviction that there was still Life in Deep Ellum.


Deep Ellum has long been a creative center, with a strong attraction for cultural innovators. It’s home to several important, well-known art galleries and countless art studios. We support this rich tradition through our art pillar and our very own Umbrella Gallery.


With its roots in jazz and the blues, Deep Ellum has always been a place where people gather around music and the performing arts. We make it a priority to host innovative performing arts events and promote up-and-coming local musicians.


Entrepreneurship has always existed in Deep Ellum. It’s a big reason for the neighborhood’s current revitalization. We partner with other organizations to help support economic growth.


Deep Ellum may be eclectic and diverse, but it’s also a neighborhood proud of its deep connections. Mokah Coffee & Tea strategically serves as a place for people to gather and continue building community.

LIDE Staff

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Community partnerships

Building from our values of respect and relationships, LIDE strategically partners with organizations who share our missional principles. It’s a win-win: the Cultural Center and its partners receive mutual encouragement and support and the community gets new services and programs.

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If you have any questions about Life in Deep Ellum, or would just like to say, “Hi,” feel free to email us below. We’d love to hear from you!