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Our icon, the Umbrella Man, represents voluntary service to others, as we aim to hold the umbrella over every “LIDE-er” – our neighborhood patrons, our faith community members and those who are part of the greater LIDE community through Community and Global Call partnership.


This year, we launch our 2022 volunteer teams understanding that by serving together we take an active role in our own healing as a community. Bring your truest self to the team because we’ll look back and find that we have restored a community together. Not one person will have done it on their own and we’ll be stronger for it. 

areas to


LIDE Production is the reason things look, feel, and flow a certain way. This team serves behind the scenes before, during and after every Sunday service. No experience is needed for many positions and training is available for all.


LIDE Band is an eclectic group of musicians and vocalists with lots of different backgrounds that serve every Sunday as an intricate part of the Gathering. We love making music and making it about God. We love highlighting instruments and vocals that don't fit into the 'traditional worship band.'

gathering experience team

The Experience Team works together to prepare a welcoming space in the Gathering for our community. A team of Hosts help in the logistics and safety of our services in various roles by preparing the venue, welcoming the community, passing out service materials (if needed), and breaking down the set up after the service.

lide kids

LIDE Kids is a space where kids discover truths about God, themselves and the world around them through worship, storytelling, and fun activities. In this space, every child is invited to grow more like Jesus and sense God's delight in them as they learn who God made them to be. We need adults who can be Small Group Leaders or join our Experience Team.

Application, background check and interview required

lide youth

LIDE Youth is a small but growing group of teens and leaders learning to love others, love God and love each other in community. Volunteer leaders make personal connections with families, help run Sunday morning Youth Gathering services and work together to minister to our 7th-12th graders in creative ways.

Application, background check and interview required.


LIDE Communications needs people with a 'good eye' for photography and video, graphic design and copy editing to help develop creative content for our digital platforms that highlights our neighborhood and our community.

umbrella gallery

The Umbrella Gallery is a group of people who have a desire to see the artist community thrive in our city and in our neighborhood. We need good humans to join us in gallery activities.

special events

We are getting creative with the ebbs and flows of meeting in person or digitally as a community. This is a collective of people who are open to helping in various ways with one-off events that build a sense of community and belonging at LIDE.

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