Our icon, the Umbrella Man, represents service to others – our community at large and all those who come to LIDE for The Gathering and other events. Check out the list below to see if there’s a volunteer opportunity that piques your interest and click on the following link.

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Our greeters create a warm and welcoming tone at LIDE. They greet people as they come in and are available to answer questions after the service. (Serve once every 4-6 weeks)

Prayer Candles

Prayer candle volunteers set up and maintain the prayer candle station before the Gathering service. (Serve once every 4-6 weeks)


Communion volunteers set up, serve and disassemble communion on Sunday mornings. (Serve once every 4-6 weeks)


Ushers set the stage (literally, sometimes) for the service. They put out chairs, collect the offering, hand out Bibles and help in the logistics and safety of our services. (Serve once every 3-4 weeks)

Kids Gathering

Volunteers for the kids’ team serve in one of five areas: Babies’ Gathering (birth to 24 months); Littles’ Gathering (2-4 years); Bigs’ Gathering (Kinder to 6th grade); the Desk and Kids Events. Substitutes are also needed. All volunteers must complete a background check and training. (Serve on a monthly rotation)


Our production team consists of three roles: audio engineer, lighting technician and media technician. (Serve once a month)


Our hospitality team believes enjoying food together is a spiritual experience. They prep food on Sunday mornings before The Gathering. (Serve once every 4-6 weeks)

Mokah Coffee and Tea

Mokah volunteers assist the baristas with barbacking during the Sunday morning rush. They are also responsible for making sure there’s plenty of free drip coffee for the hospitality table. (Serve once every 4-6 weeks)

Umbrella Gallery

Umbrella Gallery volunteers help produce cutting-edge exhibitions, from installation to hospitality, promotion and show documentation. A TABC certified bartender is always needed at the openings, which occur once every 6-8 weeks, usually on a Saturday evening.

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