Community Partner Support Page

At Life in Deep Ellum, one of the main thrusts of our faith is the call on each one of us to be the “Umbrella Man” to our neighbors. That means taking care of those around us, even if we might get a little wet and dirty in the process.


Because of COVID-19, many of our Community Partners are feeling some pressure in trying to accomplish their mission. If you are looking for ways to give and support our Community Partners, we have listed those organizations below, along with specific ways you can help support them.

The Human Impact exists to befriend the homeless and bridge the relational gap to change lives. The currently work directly out of the Life in Deep Ellum office space. See more of what they’re doing through the COVID-19 crisis here.

Human Rights Initiative of North Texas offers free legal and social services to asylum seekers, immigrants escaping abuse, and human trafficking victims. Their specific needs are toiletries and non-perishable items and direct giving. They are also looking for volunteers to help HRI clients with resumes, employment applications, job readiness training, mock interviews, translating client-facing materials (French and Spanish needed).  See more about what they do here.

Deep Vellum is a literary arts center and publishing house with the mission to bring the world into conversation through literature by publishing underrepresented, marginalized, and vital literary voices, while building a more vibrant literary community in Dallas and beyond. See more about what they do here.

A good way to support local publishers is by making simple purchases to help keep them afloat. Currently they are offering $20 digital care packages. These are packages of ebooks that revolve around a particular theme. You can see what they have available here.