Job: Faith in the Wild • The Prologue

During this Lenten season, the LIDE community will be engaging with and exploring the book of Job. Job can be challenging and difficult to understand, but helps us to grapple with the wilderness that we’re invited into during Lent.

This week’s service was a live Facebook discussion with the whole LIDE staff. First, the staff discuss Lent and why LIDE participates in the rhythm of the liturgical calendar. In the second half of the service, we dive into the prologue of Job: how it’s structured, how strange it sounds to modern ears, and the questions we’re invited to ask by the prologue. Those questions are 1) Is God really just? and 2) Is the world ordered according to justice and fairness?

Here are some helpful links if you’re interested in a deeper dive on Job:

The Bible Project: The Book of Job (video)

The Bible Project: Overview of Job (video)

The Bible Project: Job Poster

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