Mokah is a place to gather around craft coffee, organic tea, fair trade chocolate and our personal passions.

Life in Deep Ellum

Nobody Fits. Everyone Belongs.
Umbrella Gallery is a non-commercial, experimental art space, where artists have a chance to push their creative limits and art lovers can encounter local contemporary art.
The Gathering is where our faith community comes together for prayer and worship.


Deep Ellum has historically been a gathering place for people on the margins. At LIDE, we strive to create a safe environment for everyone, an invitation into something none of us can enjoy alone: Community. We hope within our walls you will experience a deep sense of connection with others. And though our energetic core is a community of faith, you don’t have to share our faith to join us. Someone once said of LIDE, “Nobody fits, but everyone belongs,” and we couldn’t agree more.


Discover why The Umbrella Man is our icon.

Faith is Meant to Be Experienced With Others

That’s why we put an emphasis on Life Groups. These groups meet on weeknights, in people’s homes, all over the city and there is room for you!