About Us

At Mokah Coffee Bar we are passionate about two things: good coffee and people sharing what they love through music, art, and conversation. We are open from 7a.m. to 7p.m. Monday through Friday, and have different events on Thursday nights and weekends. You can come and experience everything from artists painting and creating live to acoustic shows and even some open mic poetry.

Mokah Coffee Bar

Enjoy a delicious blend and partake in catechism at Mokah Coffee Bar. The intimate and cozy design scheme is that of a 15th century monastery basement with dark woods and leathers giving it a warm and cozy feel. We only serve Fair Trade coffee that has never been freeze-dried in a warehouse somewhere near Seattle. We also offer exotic loose-leaf teas, fresh fruit smoothies, soda, and energy drinks if coffee is not your thing. Come in the morning for a latte and a bagel or in the afternoon for one of our delicious sandwiches and enjoy our unique motif and free wi-fi.

Live At Mokah

Live@Mokah is our 1100 capacity, full service performance venue with the largest stage in Deep Ellum (35' wide by 24' deep). The venue features both all ages shows as well as shows with a moderate beverage policy for the 21-and-over crowd. In the last 3 years, we've hosted hundreds of bands on our stage including The Polyphonic Spree, Mates of State, Okkervil River, Lovedrug, Colour Revolt, Pigeon John, The Maine, Forever the Sickest Kids, Derek Webb, Phil Wickham, and many others.

The venue has a top-level quality sound and lighting system. The sound system consists of 8 Soundbridge XEON True Line Array mains, 4 per side with 4 dual-loaded 18Ó XEON subs, all QSC powered. The FOH system is capable of 148 dB, one watt, one meter. The Monitor rig consists of 6 Mackie SR450Õs. The monitor console and FOH console are the Yamaha M7CL mixing console with 48 channels.

The lighting system includes 6 movers, 6 led panels for color washing, and 12 front ellipsoidals for isolation of 6 areas of the stage. It is all controlled by a HOG 3PC. Dual hazers make the room look great.

Mokah Art Gallery

This 1195 sq ft art gallery is curated by Courtney Miles and is an ever evolving space that showcases artwork and art objects. It's a place where artists can be supported and challenged in their creativity and for art to exist, speak, and grow while serving the community of artists.